Quality Assurance for Smooth Building Processes

An Ode to Better Designs

How do you gain confidence in the quality of your brilliant design, ensuring it gets built properly and efficiently? It's through model checking.

Checking and correcting your designs prior to delivery at different project stages ensures the high quality of both the geometry and the data in your model.
Quality-assured models are compliant with regulations and BIM requirements, and finding issues early on brings you both time and cost savings.
Consistent and validated models guarantee you can take pride in your work and get recognized as the deliverer of quality designs.

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It's not just about clash checking

It’s about so much more. It’s about ensuring the quality of your designs in terms of compatibility, functionality, accessibility, as well as visual and spatial aspects. With Solibri, you can easily check your design against other disciplines, combining all the models into one and allowing effortless coordination and clash checking between them. You can compare model iterations and efficiently communicate found issues with other designers, gaining all the benefits of IFC, OpenBIM and seamless integration to common data environments. What’s more is your BIM manager will have it easy coordinating the project, and you will see your design turn into an actual building in less time, with less hassle, and for less money.

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