Enforcing the need for Quality Assurance in all BIM Projects

To better allow quality control to be integral in how teams work within the construction workflow, Solibri has implemented changes in its free product, Anywhere.

Ville Kyytsönen, Solibri CEO stated “We see a rising awareness and demand for quality models both in the design and construction phase. Checking is the defacto need in the workflow, by adjusting our portfolio feature sets, we’re putting the right features in the hand of the right people. By doing this, we can ensure quality data is passed between team members via the best solution.”

Changes implemented in Solibri Anywhere

Starting from the release 9.12.0, Solibri Anywhere will no longer allow merging of IFC files, only individual IFC files can be opened or viewed.

Anywhere still supports opening and viewing SMC files which contain multiple IFCs, however for workflow success, initially merging IFC files (or updating multiple IFC files in an SMC file) should happen in Solibri Office or Site.

Anywhere will support the new functionality of BCF Live Connector to support communication between the users in the model checking workflow and maintaining quality. However, the Anywhere user is not able to create new issues or import issues from presentations.

The teams using Solibri Office and Anywhere will benefit from Solibri as before with the sharing of updates using the SMC file. The workflow remains and is only improved with the 9.12.0 release and BCF Live.