Building a fire safe future

The best construction companies in the world have fire safety as part of their workflow. As your trusted partner in digital quality assurance, we want to help you better plan fire safety and ensure a seamless flow of information from design to build.

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In this webinar, you will learn
  • What the UK government expects from the construction industry in terms of fire safety?
  • Why you should integrate fire safety starting from design?
  • How you can mitigate risk and automate intensive manual processes, such as firestop compliance, and provide quality information as part of the golden thread?
  • Dr. David Hancock
    Construction Director, IPA, Cabinet Office
  • Brent Rees
    Partner & Head of Digital Engineering, Ridge & Partners
  • Alex Plenty
    BIM Manager at Ridge & Partners
  • Andrew Bellerby
    Managing Director, Solibri UK
  • Simon Gilbert
    Technical Services Manager, Solibri UK
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Fire safety is a complex issue

Designing fire safety involves many disciplines and stakeholders such as architects, designers, structural and MEP engineers, HVAC, product manufacturers, fire protection consultants, and more. Each discipline creates their own model, which means that the potential for errors is very high. Make fire safety an integrated part of your quality assurance checklist.

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Make use of the most advanced quality assurance tool

Bring all the models from different disciplines together for highly advanced model checking and quality assurance, making it easy for the BIM manager, engineers, designers and other involved parties to collaborate and solve any found fire safety compliance issues.

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Your partner in fire safety compliance

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Spot fire safety compliance issues early

Run advanced model checks to analyze fire stops, openings, escape routes, sprinkler's coverage and more.

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Collaborate with relevant teams to fix them

Work smoothly with responsible designers, architects, structural engineers, and services to resolve issues.

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Seamless information flow from design to build

Full transparency of data and quality information for your golden thread.

Update your fire safety knowledge in one go

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