Model checking and so much more

With its unparalleled quality checking and flexibility, Solibri is loved by BIM professionals around the world.



to compare

Different disciplines, one model. Walk through your combined model to visually identify problems.
Experience the smoothest 3D navigation in construction.

Enrich every model

and piece of data

Enjoy the ease of automatic classification, modeled after industry standards and find a new depth of intelligence through tags and labels.
Enrich your data by structuring it according to your needs.

Check more,

check better

Intelligent in-depth model checking and industry-leading clash detection.
Work with over 150 rules that adapt to suit your needs and help you build right every time.
Already an expert? Customize and create your rulesets to fit any and every need.



Create presentations, add snapshots and write comments to clarify your needs.
Share information effortlessly with the help of our documents that follow the industry format standards
Easy quantity take-off: know exactly what you need to construct or maintain.
”The process of the Nova house has been unique with its smooth dialogue-based cooperation between the architect, the contractors and the client.”