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Capture errors as you design, before they become frustrating rework in the final build. Start checking model quality for free and create flawless architectural models meeting the highest BIM quality standards right within your design software.

Solibri Inside is now available within Archicad, Allplan and Vectorworks

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Easy-to-use model checking plugin right within your tool

Your favourite design tools now come equipped with built in model checking capabilities.

  • Be confident in delivering flawless design

  • Avoid unnecessary review cycles

  • Faster process from design to build

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Key benefits

Already inside your design tool

No need to deal with file compatibility, import/export issues or learning a brand-new tool.

No expert skills required

The errors will be highlighted right inside your model where you can fix them right away.

No more common design issues

Address the most common design issues such as accessibility, clearance, operability, level of information and more. 

Minimized costs

Fixing quality issues early in the design stage reduces risks of extra costs, delays and rework.

Learn more about your mistakes

Next to each error shown inside your environment you will find an explicit description and possible causes.

Constant improvement

Join us at the forefront of making digital construction a reality for you and your clients.

Start delivering better designs

Solibri Inside comes with powerful checks to address the most common design issues - clearance, operability, accessibility, existence, and level of information. Use out-of-the-box checks to get started. Checks are created using different rule types. The latest Solibri Inside release gives you access to the following rule types: Door Clearance, Window Clearance, Vertical Clearance, Existence, Naming Convention and Level of Information.

Window clearance

Use Window clearance rules to check that windows in your model have sufficient space around them and there are no obstacles in front or behind.

Door clearance

Use Door clearance rules to check that doors in your model have sufficient clearance space to operate correctly and are accessible.

Level of Information

Use Level of Information rules to verify that every object in your model has all the required information about its IFC attributes and properties such as name, type, material, fire rating, acoustic rating, and more.


Use the Existence rules to calculate the number of objects or components in a specific space. This feature will make it easier than ever to ensure that your models meet requirements for the number of specified objects in different spatial contexts.

Naming Convention

Use the Naming Convention rules to check that a selected text attribute or property follows a naming convention for all target components.

Vertical Clearance

Use the Vertical Clearance rules to check that no components protrude into circulation areas, maintaining a minimum clearance height for optimal safety.

Do even more with Solibri Inside

The smart choice for handling quality in your workflow

With Solibri Inside Premium, you can create custom checks based on the project requirements or BIM regulations. By implementing quality control processes during the design phase, you ensure the BIM quality throughout the whole project.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to download the Solibri Inside plugin?

No, Solibri Inside is a cloud-based product and it is already available in the design tools in the form of a plugin. See the instructions on how to start using Solibri Inside within Archicad, Allplan and Vectorworks.

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Can I get started without using Allplan, Archicad, or Vectorworks?

To check your models with Solibri Inside, you need a valid license for one of the design tools (Allplan, Archicad, or Vectorworks). However, you can create checks and configure rules in a browser-based environment (Solibri Inside Editor). These checks will then become available in Solibri Inside plugin within the design tools.

What’s the difference between Solibri Inside and Solibri Office?

Solibri Inside is an easy-to-use model checker for designers to capture errors as they design, right inside their modeling tool. It helps to improve model quality at the design phase, thus reducing the number of review iterations and ensuring that the project’s BIM requirements are met before the models are submitted for BIM coordination. Solibri Inside is a cloud-based product that is currently available only inside Archicad, Allplan, and Vectorworks.

Solibri Office is an expert-level desktop software for BIM professionals who do advanced quality assurance checks on multiple federated models from various disciplines. The software offers a wide selection of rules covering multiple disciplines to do quality assurance beyond simple clash detection. Solibri Office is typically used in the coordination phase to ensure model and data quality throughout the project.

Can I use my login data from Solibri Office/Site to use Solibri Inside?

You can use Solibri Inside with your existing Solibri Office/Site/Anywhere credentials. You don’t need to create a new account, just log in with your Solibri username and password. After accepting the terms of service (for Solibri Inside), you have access to the free content. Using the paid content requires purchase.

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