Model checking while designing

Confidently deliver quality building information models with Solibri Inside. The easy-to-use model checker captures errors as you design, letting you validate, report, and modify them all within Vectorworks so you can be sure you’ll meet your project’s standards and regulations. Reduce your risk with fewer errors and gain efficiency with fewer file exchanges, saving you, your colleagues, and your clients time and money.

Run quality checks while you design

With Solibri Inside Vectorworks you can run powerful checks to address the most common design issues - clearance, operability, accessibility and level of information.

Manage quality assurance throughout the workflow

Solibri Inside is a smart choice for handling quality throughout the workflow. By implementing quality control processes at the design phase, you ensure the BIM quality throughout the whole project.

How to get started with Solibri Inside

Stay in your creative flow and start checking your designs today. Here’s how to get started with Solibri Inside.

Check while designing.
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Get full access to built-in/predefined content and create your own custom checks.
  • Run and edit predefined checks
  • Find and fix errors in your model
  • Share issues via the issue managers in Allplan, Archicad and Vectorworks
  • Create your own checks, rules, targets and labels
  • Get full editing access to all rule types
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Solibri Inside Available with Vectorworks 2023 SP3 and beyond

Find out more about how to get started with Solibri Inside for Vectorworks. For a more detailed look on how to get started with Solibri Inside in Vectorworks, please visit Vectorworks University.