Solibri Tutorials - Rules series: Introduction

Learn how to fully utilize the features related to rules in Solibri. In this series of videos, we will be introducing the fundamental concepts required to successfully create new rulesets, append rules to existing rulesets, refine rules and deploying these to other projects.

Within the next months, we will be publishing new tutorials to help you further with using the rules and rulesets in Solibri. To get started, here is an introduction to what this tutorial series is about - watch the video below.

Solibri Rules Tutorial Series Episodes: 

1. Creating Ruleset / Rules

2. Adding Rules to Existing Rulesets

3. Roles and Resources

4. Rule Refinement - My First Ruleset

5. Rule Refinement - My Second Ruleset

Stay tuned for the next tutorial videos that will be released soon!