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Bringing the right tools to the right people

Quality data to everyone

In the office, Solibri is still your gatekeeper for quality like it has been before, bringing all the models from different disciplines together for model checking and quality assurance and making it easy for the BIM manager, engineers, designers and other involved parties to collaborate and solve any found issues. Now, the needed information is effortlessly available also on site, where site managers can easily view the models and take off quantities and much more. For the subcontractors and other involved parties, the free Solibri version allows anyone to view the model anywhere, anytime and get the information they need to get their job done.

The future of building better is here - give everyone in your project the right tool for the right job.

Everyone around the same table

The revolution from traditional methods to BIM has made all the difference, but low-quality BIM is almost as bad as no BIM at all. In order to get value from your models and really put the data to use in your project, you want your data verified to assure it’s accurate and your model meets the highest standards of quality requirements - throughout your workflow, for everyone in your projects.

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