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The Model Viewer you can trust

Solibri Anywhere

As fans of seamless and open information flows, we at Solibri believe that quality information should be easily accessible for all those who need it in your project. That’s why we offer Solibri Anywhere, a free model viewer for everyone, ensuring that you can access and view your models with ease.

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It’s for those who need to see what gets built

Solibri Anywhere ensures that essential information flows efficiently to those on site. Designers, managers, and builders can access and share up-to-date models effortlessly, enhancing communication and project execution.

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Empowering stakeholders

Stakeholders, including owners and managers, can easily track project evolution with Solibri Anywhere. Beyond construction, leverage models for building life-cycle management using predefined information takeoffs and classifications.

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It's for the doers

The daily work at the construction site is often split between various teams or subcontractors, each focusing on individual tasks assigned to them. For that, you need effortless ways to see only the relevant information for getting each task done without confusion or delay.

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Solibri Anywhere 
Free. Equipped. Connected.