Solibri IFC Optimizer

Download Solibri IFC Optimizer to speed up IFC file handling. This simple software allows you to reduce large IFC file sizes for viewing or distributing. Files open faster and easier.

Want to do more with your IFC files?

Download Solibri IFC Optimizer

How does it work?

Watch this short video clip to see how easy it is to remove redundant data in your file but keep all of your actual information in place, untouched.


Platform Independent Free Tool

Optimize IFC models on both Windows and Mac.

Efficient IFC Model Sharing

Reduces the size of IFC models up to 51% of the original without losing any information. Enables the sending of large IFC Models by email.

Faster Opening and Download Speeds

Optimize your workflow with top speed downloads and loading times to your favorite BIM tools.

Download Solibri IFC Optimizer