Solibri Model Viewer

Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) is the software that everyone working within the construction industry should use. SMV is your first step into the collaborative review process. It is free of charge and easy to download from

It allows you to open files from other Solibri Model Checker (SMC) and SMV users, browse models in 3D and add comments as necessary. Download it today.

Get a Smoother Workflow with SMV Pro

SMV Pro supports your workflow with multiple additional features. For instance, SMV Pro’s ‘Issue Sorter’ reduces the effort of gathering and commenting on issues in your BIM files. With SMV Pro, it is possible to share comments and proposed changes as part of a collaboration team with our BCF Connector extension.

Click on the link below to register and buy SMV Pro:

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Features listing for SMV & SMV Pro

FeatureSMV FreeSMV Pro
Commenting by SSC user nameYes
Commenting by SSC registration emailYes
Opens IFC filesYesYes
BCF ExportYesYes
Possibility for BCF ConnectorYes
Saving to .smv file formatYesYes
Reading .smc file formatYesYes
Reading .smv file formatYesYes
Free of in-app promotional materialYes
Quick model viewYes
Issue sorterYes
10€/User per monthYes


Platform Independent Free Model Viewer

Views Solibri Model Checker and IFC models on both Windows and Mac. A must tool for every party in the BIM workflow.

Compatible with Solibri Model Checker Files

View and make comments to Solibri Model Checker models including checking results, presentations and information takeoffs.

Easy to Use

The User Interface is designed to make your workflow fast, intuitive and productive.

System Recommendations

ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5 (at least 4th gen) or AMD Ryzen™ 5, or better processorIntel® Core™ i3 or AMD Ryzen™ 3, or better processor
Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows® 7 or later Or macOS 10.10.x or later (Yosemite, Sierra, High Sierra)Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later Or macOS 10.10.x or later (Yosemite, Sierra, High Sierra)
MouseWheel mouse or similar functionalityWheel mouse or similar functionality
Graphics cardGraphics card with OpenGL version 3.3 support or better. Preferably NVidia® GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD® Radeon™ RX 570 or better.Graphics card with OpenGL version 3.3 support and good 3D performance. Preferably NVidia® or AMD®. Intel® cards may have some driver issues.
RAM16 GB RAM or moreAt least 4 GB RAM
Hard diskSeveral GB of available hard disk drive space is recommended.800 MB of available hard disk space
OtherUp-to-date video card driverYosemite requires Java6 (

SMV Downloads

Download Solibri Model Viewer for your operating system: