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Solibri Office

Whether you’re a BIM manager, architect or a designer, if your strategy for any project is to ensure you build correctly first time, every time – then our world-class quality assurance is for you. To carry out a project successfully, you need top-notch coordination and communication between all the involved parties, highly advanced model checking as well as information takeoffs and classifications for various uses and visualization of the data, and that all is brought to you in Solibri Office. It’s the complete solution to meet even the toughest QA/QC needs.

It’s for those at the heart of the project

For example, managing the end-to-end workflow of large construction projects with various large teams from the office requires reliable, intelligent tools to ensure it all runs smoothly. Equally, BIM managers or coordinators in any building project need the right tools to master the immersive amount of data and various stakeholders in the project.

The users of Solibri Office produce the information that is crucial for all the parties such as the on-site teams and managers as well as the building owners.
The data is pulled from the models of various disciplines created in authoring tools and combined into a single model in Solibri for checking the model quality, communicating found issues between all the involved parties, taking off much more than just quantities and classifying the model components to tag, label, map and structure the information with a highly capable toolset for, for example, further information sharing.

It’s for those who know their rules

Solibri’s quality checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules, out of which you select which ones to use. We offer the best pre-defined rules on the market for checking not only model quality, but much more – imagine the ability to consider everything regarding, for example, the comfort of use in your newly constructed building, including details like thoroughly planned accessibility or perfectly sized and angled parking spaces. And since all projects, buildings and geographical areas come with different needs, we’ve created the pre-defined rules so that it’s easy to set the parameters case-specifically for each rule. If you wish to customize even more, we offer the advanced users the possibility to create your own rules. That is to say, no matter how specific your company or project requirements get, Solibri is here to ensure you meet them.
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