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Solibri 9.10.6 Release Notes

Solibri 9.10.6 brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.

New features

New features for the navigation map

  • Navigation map now supports pan and zoom
  • Location marker has been updated to a more visible icon
  • Space information, which can be toggled on/off in settings, can now be displayed in the navigation map


Improvements based on requests from Solibri Society

  • IFC Type information is now available in the info view and can also be referred to in filters, classifications, ITOs, and rule settings
  • All IFC4 predefined types are now supported
  • IFCWINDOWs are now represented with the original color (and no longer transparent by default)

Performance-related improvements

  • Opening times of large IFC files have been reduced
  • Users now have the possibility to use multiple cores (multithreading) for checking
  • "Section box around selection basket" has been refactored to improve performance when a significant amount of components are selected

Rules improvements

  • Users can now select "Either" as a direction when specifying relations in certain rules

Rules API improvements

  • Users can now make custom rules by extending ConcurrentRule instead of OneByOneRule to run checks for different components concurrently



Bug Fixes

BCF Connector

  • Fixed an issue where BCF sync report incorrectly indicates new issues as changes to existing issues
  • Fixed an issue where models with objects containing duplicate IFC GUIDs caused synchronization issues with BCF servers
  • Fixed an issue where filtering results incorrectly included null/missing values in addition to actual filtered values

Rules related fixes

  • Fixed an issue with rule #222 regarding a fail for non-existing Source or Target components.
  • Updated the constraints of Rule #23 to include also smaller components which were originally disregarded.
  • Updated description and error message of Rule #23 regarding parallel and adjacent surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue with Rule #241 regarding "SpaceToSpaceConnectionChecking" where the name of the target space was incorrectly indicated as an empty array.
  • Fixed an issue with Autorun creating false slides/issues from the gatekeeper rule
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