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Solibri 9.12.3 Release Notes

Solibri 9.12.3 brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.


BCF Live

    With 9.12.3, BCF Live Connector comes with a freshly updated UI to improve usability:

    • Viewpoints have been relocated from the bottom of Live Issue Details to the top for easy access.
    • Communication has been renamed to Comments.
    • Coordination values, Comments and Components are now shown in their own tabs in Live Issue Details view.
    • Zoom functionality has been added to viewpoints in Live Issue Details view.
    • Arrow navigation added to viewpoints.
    • Scroll bar and search tool is shown when there are numerous values in Coordination tab and Filter.
    • Sorting issues according to Sync Status and Link columns is now possible.
    • Conflict Resolution dialog has been improved, and is no longer shown for offline local changes.
    • Laggy behavior experienced with large SMC projects in combination with the Link-column in BCF Live View has been greatly improved.
    • Projects list is now sorted alphabetically and case-insensitive.
    • Thumbnail size control has been added to resize viewpoints in BCF Live thumbnail view.
    • Issue title and Index number are shown at the bottom of the thumbnail in BCF Live view.
    • All buttons in Live Issue Details view's Coordination tab are sorted in alphabetical order.
    • All buttons in BCF Live view's Filter dialog are sorted in alphabetical order.
    • It is now possible to filter according to creation and modification date.

    Solibri Developer Platform

    • Added support to get component information which allows custom views and custom rules to easily use custom information.
    • Added support for Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) operations.
    • Added support for Result decision state.
    • Enumeration Parameters now return actual data value instead of display value.
    • Parking rule specification document has been updated.

    Changes to resources

    • COBie UK Resources updated to v3.4.40 to take into account Uniclass 2015 January 2021 table updates.

    Other improvements

    • Categorized classifications are sorted before uncategorized classifications.
    • Global Z coordinate value are shown in Info view and the same can be used in Filters and ITO as well.
    • Layer and Geometry Information are now shown for IfcTransportElements.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where fully transparent parts are shown as opaque.
    • Resolved an issue with distance between two components giving wrong results.
    • Resolved an issue where support for property references in custom rules were not working.
    • Resolved an issue where curtain walls and slabs shows incorrectly in certain models.
    • Fixed an issue with Mark As Ready button changing size after sync in Live Issue Details view.
    • Fixed an issue with selected issue counts were not cleared after removing issues in Live issue Details view.
    • Resolved an issue where global X, Y, and Z- coordinate values were indicated incorrectly as 0 when the object did not have geometry.
    • Resolved an issue where BCF Live connector was failing to export viewpoint in some cases (related to duplicate components).
    • Resolved an issue where it was (incorrectly) possible to add the same components multiple times in the Live Issue Details view.
    • Resolved an issue where location and snapshot from an existing (selected) issue were copied to newly created issue.
    • Resolved an issue where certain types beams were incorrectly displayed.

      Known issues

      BCF Live filtering

      Currently, not all server vendors support filtering fully:

      • Aconex, and Trimble Connect: No filtering support.
      • StreamBIM: No support for filtering according to creation and modification dates.

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