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Solibri 9.13.1 Release Notes

This release launches the integration with BIM 360, allowing Solibri and Autodesk users to collaborate efficiently to drive BIM quality in their projects.


Introducing BIM 360 integration 

  • With this integration, you can open files (IFC, SMC & PDF) that are stored in your BIM 360 account, directly from within Solibri.
  • You can also save files back to BIM 360 and use the Update model functionality to get the latest files from the server to your Solibri project.
  • Please note: In order to activate the integration, the BIM 360 account admin needs to enable the Solibri integration via the BIM 360 app store (Go to your account admin settings → Apps tab and add Solibri app from the list). Once it is done, you can navigate to the integrations tab inside Solibri and click to connect to BIM 360.
  • Once the integration is activated, you can click on “Open models,” where you will see a BIM 360 tab. Use the tab to find your required projects and files:
  • If you are not able to see your projects, please try to remove the Integration from your BIM 360 apps and re-enable it.

Documents API

  • In this version, we have added the option to open and save Documents API files directly from the Open/Save file dialog, as well as some minor performance improvements.

Other Improvements

  • You can now see the version of your BIM 360 and Documents API files, directly in the model tree view.
  • You can now sort rows in list view dialogs (such as rules, ITOs, etc.) by using the up and down buttons above the list view.
  • When you have a row selected, clicking on “Add row” will create a copy of the selected row. If you deselect the row and click Add row, it will create an empty one.
  • When installing Solibri, you can select if you would like to have the “Get started” layout & role installed or not, by ticking off a checkbox.
  • Added BCF 3.0 XML support in Autorun.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where AMD Graphics card drivers were not supporting Solibri shader.
    • Fixed an issue where Issues from Communication layout got removed when synced to the BCF server.
    • Fixed an issue where Update models dialog didn’t show any opened models.
    • Fixed an issue where adding or removing an issue slide did not enable “Save Model.”
    • Fixed an issue where the default file name was missing in Files tab during Save/Save As.
    • Fixed an issue in Documents API where the recent file options were pointing to the wrong version.
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