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Solibri 9.13.4 Release Notes

This release offers enhancements to Filtering, Info view, and Classifications, performance improvements, and a new Exit Access Doorway Arrangement rule.


In this release we are introducing improvements to Filtering, Info view and Classifications, and a new exit access doorway arrangement rule. We have also included some bug fixes, as well as other general functionality improvements.

Improved filtering
In this release, we are adding some improvements to the components selection functionality, which should provide you with more flexibility and accuracy when filtering models. The improvements include a redesign of the component selection, which allows you to do the following:

  • Select components from 4 categories:
    • Components
    • Containers
    • IFC entities
    • Recent
  • Show only components that are part of the currently open model.

Info view - Value types
In the info view, you can find a new column called “IFC value types", which displays the type of data being used (INT, CHAR, BOOLEAN, DATE, etc.). This will allow you to easily identify the type of data being used and ensure that it is correct.

Auto-update for Classifications
Previously, when a change or an update was made to a model, Solibri required you to update your classifications manually. From this version onwards, Solibri will automatically update your classifications when models are updated.

Copy/Paste filter rows
In this release, we have added a copy-paste functionality that lets users easily copy filters between rows.

Option to show/hide short name in ITO
At the moment, Solibri includes the short name by default inside the ITO columns. This new setting allows you to control if you want the short name to appear in the ITO columns or not.

Improved IFC parser
In this version, we’ve added a new and improved IFC parser, which brings significant improvements to opening times for IFC files. The new parser also resolves previously reported encoding issues.

Restore to default settings
A new button is added to several settings dialogs in Solibri to allow you to restore the settings to the default ones.

Shortcut for zooming to result
Clicking on the ‘Z’ key will now automatically zoom in on the results of the rule checks (inside of double-clicking).

New Exit Access Doorway Arrangement Rule

The Exit Access Doorway Arrangement (EADA) Rule is a joint development work by Solibri Lab and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Solibri Lab is part of Solibri Academic Program, which is due to launch at the end of July 2023.

The rule checks that spaces have exit access doors arranged with a minimum distance of separation between doors that is one-half the maximum overall diagonal dimension of the space. Where the building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, the separation of doors can be reduced to one-third of the overall diagonal dimension of the space. You can find more information in this Help Center article.

Space usage classification for French

Space usage classification for the French language has been updated.

IFC 4 & other IFC improvements

  • Added support for IfcAdvancedBrep with IfcCylindricalSurface
  • Added support for IfcAdvancedBrep with IfcBSplineCurveWithKnots
  • Added support for IfcAdvancedBrep with IfcCylindricalSurface bounded by IfcBSplineCurve
  • Added support for IfcMaterialConstituentSet
  • Added support for IfcRelNests
  • Added support for IfcSphere
  • Added support for IfcBlock
  • Added support for IfcRightCircularCone
  • Added support for IfcRightCircularCylinder
  • Added support for IfcRectangularPyramid

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where IfcClosedShell was not imported as part of IfcFaceBasedSurfaceModel
    • Fixed an issue where Pset_*Common.Reference was not always taken as type
    • Fixed an issue where IFC 4 geometries were not imported correctly
    • Fixed an issue where touchscreen navigation did not work
    • Added an improved warning message while adding new column in classification rules tab
    • Fixed an issue where warnings cause popups to appear when running autorun
    • Fixed an issue where the spacing between radio buttons in ‘Select Property’-dialog was inconsistent
    • Fixed an issue where API rules results created unnecessary visualizations
    • Fixed an issue where copying classification to a different name didn’t work
    • Fixed an issue where the info view did not remember the last selected tab
    • Fixed an issue where new comment was linked to a wrong viewpoint in BLC
    • Fixed an issue where two mouse clicks were needed to open contextual menu in Classification view
    • Fixed an issue when saving hierarchy file, the extension name was mandatory
    • Fixed an issue where Solibri would change table column widths when clicking components
    • Fixed an issue where slabs had incorrect area in Quantities tab
    • Fixed an issue where editing space grouping triggered the Rename Classification dialog
    • Fixed an issue where model names were not available in BLC file sync dialog
    • Fixed an issue where the U-shape profile was wrongly imported
    • Fixed an issue where layer names were not sorted in Filter
    • Fixed an issue where part of the description was missing in IFC Header Properties

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