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Solibri Model Checker v9.9.5.112 Release Notes

A comprehensive list of the release contents.

This release brings you a variety of different functionalities in Solibri Model Checker.

New features

Space Connection Rule (#241)

  • This new rule allows you to check whether a space is connected with an outside exit or another space via, for example, a door or an opening. This can be used for natural ventilation purposes, for checking that all rooms have easy access to corridors, or, for ensuring the building serves its daily operations as smoothly as possible, for example, in a hospital where the nurses' rooms must be connected to the operational rooms.

BETA: Building Envelope Rule (#242)

  • This new rule allows to check that given components reside on the building envelope (outer core of the building). The rule also allows the user to give requirements for the dimensions of recesses or airwells in the building envelope. This makes it possible to check, for example, that windows meant for natural ventilation are in suitable location, and not too deep inside a narrow recess.
  • This new rule is available in its BETA phase.


BCF Connector
Note: This version of BCF Connector requires Solibri Model Checker 9.9.5 or later.

You can set a default project to work with.

  • If the server only has one project assigned to you, that project will automatically be set as the default.
  • You can specify an import filter to be used for the project by default.
    • This import filter can later be changed either in the BCF Connector or Synchronize presentation settings.
  • It's now possible to specify default synchronization options for presentations.
    • They are saved to make synchronizing between servers and Solibri more fluent.
  • You can map conversion tables between the server values and Solibri values for the default project/server.
  • The synchronization report can be enabled and disabled for successful synchronizations.
    • The report is always shown if there are errors or warnings in the synchronizations.

  • Improvements for Effective Coverage Area Rule:
    • Visualization height for the covered area has been fixed.
    • The filtering is now better for the effect sources from other floors. Previously some effect sources from other floors affected the calculations when they shouldn't have.
  • In the Accessible Route Rule (#238), the programming error causing the rule to crash has been fixed.
  • The parameter window remains in the same location when browsing the parameters for different rules.
  • Free Area In Front of Component Rule (#226) is now more powerful.
    • It's now possible to find the free area further away from the component. This can be useful, for example, in a case where the components can reside in a small recess.
  • Accessible Door Rule (#208) now allows defining an entity filter for ignoring components when checking the free space around the door.


  • If license checkout fails, the software now shows you a clearer explanation about it.
  • Starting Solibri Model Checker on Windows 7 is now better supported.
  • Multi-touch is enabled in Windows for touchscreen monitors.
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