Solibri 9.10.4 Release Notes

Solibri 9.10.4 brings various improvements based on the Solibri Society feedback.


Improvements based on requests from Solibri Society

  • IFC Entity property is now available in the information view and can also be referred to in filters, classifications, ITOs, and rule settings
  • Classifications can now be set as the default color map
  • Color assignment for the classification names is displayed in the classification structure
  • New sizes (XL and XXL) for issue thumbnails added. The issue sorter view has a new drop-down menu for changing the thumbnail size
  • Viewpoint screenshot of an issue (BCF topic) can now be replaced by an image from your disk

Performance-related improvements

  • Improvements in the speed of opening .ifc and .smc models
  • Improvements to performance of Component Inside Component rule (#234)

Trial license information

  • The trial license is restricted and the user is now informed of the limitations when launching the software

Information Take Off

  • ITO templates loaded from extensions as read-only are not editable anymore

Solibri Developer Platform - Rules API

  • Entity's classification information can be retrieved through the API
  • Entity's group information can be retrieved through the API
  • Entity's zone information can be retrieved through the API

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with user tips not popping up
  • Fixed memory leaks when closing and opening models
  • Fixed a bug in opening the drawings dialog with a model containing plenty of grid objects
  • Fixed to remember recent colors in the classification color editor
  • Fixed a bug preventing model opening on Mac when the model has a lot of snapshots
  • Fixed two errors in checking of rule template: Free Floor Space Rule #209
  • SIS Area calculation: Fixed to calculate correctly BRA and NTA areas with holes greater than 300mm x 300mm
  • SIS Area calculation: Update the report value list to version 004:

Known issues

In certain cases, when activating a second custom colour for classifications, the original colour remains selected. To circumvent this issue, first untick "Use for model colours" checkbox in the classification settings before adding a new one.