Solibri 9.12.10 Release Notes

Solibri version 9.12.10 is a maintenance release focused on improving the existing features. Update to the new version to get the enhanced Solibri!


  • BCF Live Connector - viewpoint sync error
  • Issue details are auto-populated in new issues
  • Issue details window now has a delete description option
  • Shortcut key for section box creation

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where markups such as Ellipse, cloud, free forms by pen tool, etc. disappeared in BCF live connector when ‘Update slide/viewpoint’ was used.
    • Fixed an issue where the Filter dialog did not appear when using the BIMsync server.
    • Fixed an issue where components with invalid GUIDs were not synced to the server.
    • Fixed an issue where creating a presentation using BCF report 2.1 brought back previously hidden components.
    • Fixed an issue where some tooltips were missing in Live Issue Details.
    • Fixed an issue where classification rule units would change by themselves and break the classification.
    • Fixed an issue where Solibri would not start after installing to an existing Solibri folder.
    • Fixed an issue where Rule #23 showed results which should not have been an issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the Navigation map was not displaying components that were too far.