Solibri 9.12.5 Release Notes

This release introduces improvements to Solibri Developer Platform, as well as other general bug fixes.


Solibri Developer Platform:

Solibri 9.12.5 brings improvements to Solibri Developer platform. Among these, is the possibility to bundle customizations (rules, views, information) with extensions.

  • It is possible to load jar files as extension resources
  • Added support for Profile Height Quantity of a Component

Other improvements:

  • It is now possible to turn on the keeping of images in the memory setting, to store the images on the computer’s memory instead of the disk. Turning this function on may improve performance in cases where there is enough memory to be utilized.
  • The new version is more tolerant for invalid IFC object parameters. The models are now opened and the possible IFC parameter type problems are written to the log file.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where decomposed objects are not visualized in some cases
  • Resolved an issue where some objects were disappearing from an IFC4 model when you export model from ArchiCAD
  • Resolved an issue where snapshots were disappearing from presentations created by importing BCF files
  • Resolved an issue where site geometry was not updated properly when the model is update