Solibri 9.13.5 Release Notes

This release introduces direct integration with Trimble Connect, new Autorun commands, improvements to a number of rules, and a new Drag and Drop functionality.


In this release, we are introducing a new document integration with Trimble Connect, improvements to many rules, new Autorun commands, and a new Drag and Drop functionality. We have also included many bug fixes including important fixes in our new IFC Parser, as well as other general functionality improvements.

Trimble Connect – Document API

Solibri is expanding its integrations with the new direct link to Trimble Connect, a cloud-based common data environment (CDE) and collaboration platform for the construction industry.

You can now access and save files (IFC, SMC & PDF) directly from your Trimble Connect account within Solibri. Use the Update model functionality to fetch the latest files from the server to your Solibri project.

Learn how to enable integration between Solibri Office and Trimble Connect to supercharge your BIM quality workflow in our Solibri Desktop Help Center - Integrations or with our video demonstration

Rule Enhancements

In our ongoing effort to improve usability and flexibility, we have integrated the general Solibri filter into our rules. This integration serves as an additional selection option specifically tailored to the following rules:

  • SOL #179 - Escape Route Analysis
  • SOL #207 - Accessible Ramp Rule
  • SOL #208 - Accessible Door Rule
  • SOL #209 - Free Floor Space
  • SOL #210 - Accessible Stair Rule
  • SOL #211 - Accessible Window Rule

Previously, users were limited by certain restrictions when selecting components for examinations within these rules. The only option was to use predefined classifications or to specify them beforehand.

In simple terms, this means that while users can continue to use the predefined classifications for their checks, they also have the option to use the general Solibri filter to refine or expand their choices. This dual option provides users with a more versatile tool that ensures exams are both comprehensive and specific to their needs.

Drag & Drop Functionality

The conventional methods, which involve navigating through multiple steps and menus, can be tedious and counterproductive, especially when dealing with diverse file formats like IFC, PDF, DWG, and Solibri File Formats like Filter, Classification, ITO, Rulesets and more. Recognizing this pain point, we’ve taken a significant leap in user experience enhancement.

Introducing Solibri Software’s new Drag & Drop functionality:

Autorun commands

Introducing the latest enhancements to Solibri’s Autorun:

Automated closing of resources: Recognizing the challenges of manual interventions, we’ve integrated new commands into Autorun. This means the tedious task of closing resources, especially in expansive projects, is now automated, ensuring a smoother and faster workflow.

Incorporation of Results Summary: In response to the fervent requests from our society community, we’re thrilled to announce the integration of the Results Summary into Autorun. Now, users can effortlessly obtain an automated overview of their project’s quality.

Following commands were implemented:

* <<b>resultsummaryreport</b> />
* <<b>closeito</b> />
* <<b>closeruleset</b> />
* <<b>closeclassification</b> />

The documentation and examples about the new commands can be found here in the API Documentation

    Other improvements

    • We have fixed problems in our new IFC parser related to umlauts by creating an option:
      This option cleans strings from null or invalid characters. IFC models imported in Solibri version 9.13.4 may have such characters if non-UTF8 encoding was used when importing IFC. Mostly this has affected models using German umlaut characters. To use this option, do the following:

      1. Add the following line to Solibri.vmoptions file located in the Solibri installation folder in a text editor:
      2. Open and Save a Solibri model (.smc) that has faulty characters. The characters are cleaned during the opening. A progress bar is shown while this is progressing.
      3. Remove the option

      For more information please contact [email protected]

    • Changed the default check for updates of the Solibri version schedule to “weekly”
    • Change of the update schedule from "never” to “weekly” by default
    • Fixed an issue where Solibri 9.13.5 could not be launched when 9.13.4 was connected to BIM360

      Bug Fixes


      • Fixed an issue where some IFC property sets without GUID in the relation were not imported
      • Changed to import IfcElectricalElement as Electrical Appliance instead of Light Fixture


      • Fixed an issue where forced model update in Documents API didn’t point to the version
      • Fixed an issue where close model REST API calls caused errors when the model was already closed
      • Fixed an issue that the same document can be imported twice

      BCF, reports, and BCF Live Connector

      • Fixed an issue where BCF XML export contained empty Coloring, Exceptions, and Selection elements
      • Fixed an issue where in BCF Live Connector the viewpoint was wrongly defining the visibility of decomposed components
      • Fixed an issue where in BCF Live Connector the black texts on selected row becomes unreadable


      • Fixed an issue where the Classification Rules dialog box was showing rulesets in the model chooser


      • Fixed an issue where filter parameters could not be edited in Ruleset Manager without a model open
      • Fixed an issue of missing IFC4 Entities in the Filter dialogue
      • Fixed an issue where the text of the radio buttons in the filter dialogue was cut off

      Checking and Rules

      • Fixes an issue where a rule status was not OK after the rule no longer had results
      • Fixed an issue where the Model Should Have Components rule #11 was wrongly checking if the model contains opening elements
      • Fixed an issue where the Model Comparison rule #206 was reporting wrong results with more than two models
      • Changed Model Comparison rule #206 to detect modification of the component type: e.g. Wall to Column
      • Fixed an issue where the very small components produced wrong results in Rule #240 Effective Coverage Area Rule

      Info View

      • Fixed an issue where blue texts on selected row becomes unreadable in the Relations tab of the Info view
      • Fixed the issue where popup info was not shown for collapsible categories


      • Fixed an issue where the settings panel became unresponsive
      • Fixed an issue where the component selection dialog list was missing focus when opened
      • Fixed an issue where the component selection dialog was missing IFC4 components

      Information Takeoff

      • Fixed an issue where ITO Excel template reporting failed with some templates
      • Fixed an issue where ITO report contained model short names even when the setting was unchecked


      • Fixed an issue where autorun crashed when updating a model without model open