Solibri Model Checker v9.9.4.98 Release Notes

A comprehensive list of the release contents.

This release brings you a variety of different functionalities in Solibri Model Checker.

New features:

  • Checking components in the Selection Basket:
    • It's possible to select whether to check all the components in the model or only the components in the Selection Basket.
    • When using the 'Check Selected' option, only the components added in the Selection Basket are included in the checking. Note that the Selection Basket can't then be empty.
    • When using the 'Check Selected' option with a rule which has 2 filters, such as rule #1, the components in the Selection Basket only have an effect to the 1st filter.
  • A presentation which includes slides is marked with a new viewpoint icon in the Results view.
    • Issues that are a part of a presentation can be identified with a linked viewpoint icon instead of the normal viewpoint icon.
    • When deleting a presentation which was created from the results, the linked viewpoint icon is replaced with the normal viewpoint icon for the issue in the Results view.
  • Effective Coverage Area Rule (Rule#240)
    • New rule to ensure your building has sufficient coverage for, for example, ventilation, lighting, sprinklers, Wi-Fi, or surveillance cameras.
    • The rule checks the coverage against a specified area of a component, and, if preferred, the ratio between the property values of the source components and checked components.


  • Gatekeeper rules evaluation is optimized to run only during checking
    • Fixes and improvements have been done to avoid saving errors during the gatekeeper rule evaluation.
  • Roof Area Calculation improvements
    • Calculating the area of a roof now takes into account the other decomposed entities that form a single roof.
  • Improvement for Accessible Door Rule (Rule#208):
    • A check box has been added for checking the widest panel's width of a multi-panel door in the minimum width requirement check, instead of the width of the full door.
  • Improvements for Accessible Ramp Rule (Rule#207):
    • The logic of calculating and showing the gradient of the ramps has been improved.
    • The behavior of the Maximum Rise column has been improved. Issues are created for ramps whose gradient cannot be checked because there is no corresponding gradient for their rise.
    • In the Ramp rule, the visualization angle has been improved. It shows the percentage of the ramp slope when the Slope/Length radio button is selected. It also shows the gradient of the ramp when the Rise/Gradient radio button is selected.

Bug fixes:

  • Relative Number Rule (Rule#235):
    • The rule gives 'irrelevant' message when a checked component is not found in the 'Components in Set 1 or Components in Set 2' filters.
  • Accessible Ramp Rule (Rule#207) and Accessible Stair Rule (Rule#210):
    • The visualization for the headroom clearance in Ramp and Stair rule has been fixed. The redundant long arrow is no longer shown; instead, only the short arrow is visualized.
  • Accessible Door Rule (Rule#208):
    • The rule checks and creates an issue when the free space next to push side of the door is less than the defined requirement.
  • Free Area in Front of Components Rule (Rule#226):
    • When checking both sides of the component and allowing floating, visualization of the floating is shown on both sides of the component.
  • Horizontal Structures must be Guarded against Falling (Rule#236):
    • The rule considers the curtain walls as a barrier if they are added to the 'barrier component filter table'.
  • Accessible Route Rule (Rule #238):
    • Checking the distance between accessible space and route between different floors has been fixed.
    • The rule visualizes narrow parts on the component and not just the footprints.
  • Excel report for the checked Gate Keeper Ruleset (GKR) is fixed to report only the checked Gate Keeper Ruleset's results.
  • Editing a column in an Information Takeoff does not erase the previous content.