Solibri v9.10.2 Release Notes

This release brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.

New features:

Offline Licensing

Solibri now offers the possibility to use Solibri Office or Solibri Site on a machine without an internet connection. The new license type is called an Offline License.

  • Offline Licenses are recommended to be used only if a computer does not have an internet connection
  • Offline Licenses come with an expiration date
  • An Offline License is computer-specific and can be activated only once
  • An Offline License is activated by a separate application called Offline Licensing Tool located in the Solibri installation folder under the bin directory
  • Offline Licensing Tool describes the steps needed to activate an Offline License

Users in Multiple License Pools

If the company has both Solibri Office and Solibri Site licenses, the users can be added to both license pools and use the Office or Site license depending on which is needed or available.

Solibri Development Platform BETA

  • A major update to the rule development API
  • All rules developed using earlier the API version needs to be updated and recompiled
  • The detailed change log and migration guide will be available with public beta release

Solibri Anywhere without Internet Access

  • Solibri Anywhere now also starts up without Internet access
  • Internet access is still required for the initial sign-in at the first startup


COBie Extension v. 9.10.2

  • Fixed formatting of CreatedOn to follow the standard
  • Fixed filling of CreatedOn and CreatedBy columns on all sheets
  • Fixed filling of ExtSystem column on all sheets
  • Fixed filling of ExtIdentifier column on Type sheet

COBie Extension UK Resources v.3.0.5

Updated COBie extension UK resources including ITOs, Classifications and a new COBie template.

    IFC4: Import of Indexed Poly Curves

    Building elements with IfcIndexedPolyCurve as part of the geometry are now imported.

    IFC4: Import if Polygonal Face Sets Geometry

    Building elements with IfcPolygonalFaceSet geometry representation are now imported.

    IFC4: Import All Building Service Elements

    New building services elements like IfcCableFitting, IfcAlarm, IfcBurner etc. are now imported as general distribution elements.

    Previous versions ignore these elements. Full support of the exact element types will come later.

    Rule#241: Space Connection Rule

    Added German, French and Japanese translations.

    Bug Fixes:

    Recent Files

    Fixed to open correct folder when clicking one of the recent model places

    Rule#241: Tolerance handling of Space Connection Rule

    Fixed to find correct neighboring spaces with a larger search tolerance.

    IFC: Fixed update of the IFCPERSON fields

    Now all fields like FamilyName are updated correctly in the model update. This fixes the data used by the CObie extension.

      Fixed Stack Overflow crash in model saving

      Memory stack size is now 10 mega bytes (to change stack size, edit Solibri.vmoptions and change the entry: -Xss10m)