Solibri v9.9.6 & v9.8.56 Release Notes

These releases for Solibri Model Checker versions 9.9. and 9.8. have been done to bring improvements to the proxy connection.

Proxy connection - both 9.9.6 & 9.8.56
  • The proxy connection issues have been fixed. All the connections and calls that Solibri makes to the internet will go through the proxy defined in the proxy settings.
  • The connections that use proxies with authentication have been improved.
Borrowed license - only 9.9.6
  • The borrowed license functionality now works normally also when users work with the software while offline.
BCF Connector - only 9.9.6
  • Connections to the BCF Connector now go through the proxy defined in the Solibri proxy settings.
  • Value conversions now work properly also with BIMcollab and BCF API servers.
Compatibility of extensions - v9.9.6 (plus v9.9.5.113 and newer)

There are also new releases of the following extensions to make them compatible with v9.9.6:

  • SIS Area Calculation
  • NS 3940: Areas and Volumes
  • GSA Extension
  • BCF Connector

The new releases of these extensions are also compatible with v9.9.5.113 and newer.