Mandatory Update for Your Solibri Model Checker

This update only takes 5 minutes of your time - The recently released Solibri update requires mandatory and immediate attention for Solibri Model Checker (SMC) users.

Due to major functionality changes in the on-line services licensing system of SMC, the below-listed versions of SMC will no longer work from May 7th, 2019. Therefore, there is a need for action as a part of this upgrade to ensure the continued working functionality of the software.

To allow the current version to continue working, all current users must do one of the following:

  • Update to the latest version of SMC v9.9.5.113 (for PC or Mac) OR 
  • Download the software patch ‘Solibri Model Checker Patch for New Licensing’ (PC/Mac).

These can also be found on Solibri Solution Center.

Below is a more detailed list of software versions and needed actions:

  • Legacy versions (before v9.8.47): Most recent software version (v9.9.5.113) or v9.8.47 required by May 14th
  • v9.8.47 and v9.9.5.113 users: Can continue using Solibri without changes or actions
  • Users of the current version (after v9.8.47, that is, versions,,, Need to install a hot-fix patch OR upgrade to the most recent version IMMEDIATELY

We apologize for any trouble and inconvenience this may cause.

How to update?

See simple instructions in this one-minute video:

Worried about updating in the middle of a project?

Since version 9.0, Solibri has ensured compatibility among the versions and data model. Solibri highly recommends auto-updating to the latest version available since this enables our users the latest security updates, functionality and bug fixes. We work in continuous delivery mode that provides updates in a steady pace and ensures seamless workflow through the versions. As a customer, you benefit from the continuous enhancements and added functionalities but also stay risk-free when differences between versions are small.

Solibri best practice is to keep all of your projects and users on the latest version.

Recommended validation process if you are updating from an outdated version to the newest :

  1. Make a fresh installation of Solibri. Keep the old version also for reference.
  2. Open your project (that has been created with the old version) with the new version.
  3. Go through tasks that you typically perform in Solibri.
  4. Save the project into a new file and re-start Solibri, re-open the new saved file and check that you’re happy with the results.

If everything is fine, continue to use the new version of Solibri – you can now remove the old version of Solibri.