Solibri 05/2019 Release Notes

In addition to the renewed product offering, the Solibri v9.10.0 release brings you a variety of different functionalities within the software.

  • Solibri has released it's renewed product offering. Read more about the new Solibri Product Family here.
  • The new Solibri products can be installed using an MSI installer.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been improved:
    • Shortcuts for macOS use the Command key instead of Control.
    • New keyboard shortcuts have been added for navigating and handling issues.
    • New keyboard shortcuts have been added for clearing the selection basket and zooming to selected components.
  • Components in the Classification view can be sorted using the datatype of the criteria.
  • Entering the first letter in combo boxes searches for matching content similarly to component filters.
  • In Rule #21, also values in the alpha numeric format are supported.
  • In Rule#240, in Ratio of Property Values checking, the checking and result messages have been improved:
    • Issues are created also if found missing property values in checking.
    • Issue result have list of all involved components with percentage value of the property value comparisons.
    • Optional Effect Source Multiplier Value field has been added.
    • Larger property selection for Quantities.
Bug fixes:
  • There have been fixes in the following keyboard shortcuts:
    • Colliding shortcuts using Control + R.
    • Shortcuts that use numpad to change viewpoints on macOS.
    • Zooming in and out using the plus and minus buttons in macOS.
  • Calculation of the SIS area in the calculation extension now works properly.
  • PDFs are no longer left out from slides in presentations.
  • Values in filter fields are properly saved also without pressing Enter.