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What’s new in Solibri Office – September 2023

Solibri is launching a direct integration with Trimble Connect, offering a single source of truth for all model files. This release also includes improvements to a number of rules, new Autorun commands, and a new Drag and Drop functionality.
Product release Solibri 9 13 5

The newest Solibri Office release (v 9.13.5) introduces direct integration with Trimble Connect, new Autorun commands, improvements to a number of rules, and a new Drag and Drop functionality. Check out the top highlights and update to the new version. 


#1. Trimble Connect integration

Solibri is expanding its integrations with the new direct link to Trimble Connect, a cloud-based common data environment (CDE) and collaboration platform for the construction industry. This integration will allow Solibri and Trimble users to collaborate more efficiently on the BIM quality of their projects, providing a major boost to productivity and project quality.

From now on users can access and save files (IFC, SMC & PDF) directly from their Trimble Connect account within Solibri. You can use the Update model functionality to fetch the latest files from the server to your Solibri project, thus keeping all your models up to date. Having a single source of truth for all project files will streamline the collaboration process and help to ensure that everyone is working from the same data.

Solibri's mission is to raise the quality of BIM standards within the industry, and the integration with Trimble Connect is one more step towards embedding BIM quality control in the construction workflow. With this new integration, Solibri is helping to ensure that construction projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest possible standards.

Learn how to enable Trimble Connect integration to supercharge your BIM quality workflow - view the help article

#2.  Improvements to accessibility rules and escape route analysis

Earlier, to use the rules #179 Escape Route Analysis, #211 Accessible Window Rule, #210 Accessible Stair Rule, #209 Free Floor Space, and #207 Accessible Ramp Rule it was mandatory to create a classification. From now on, users don’t need to create classifications and can simply select components for checking using rule filters.


#3. Drag & drop files and resources

Simply drag the file you want to add and drop it into the model viewer or resources. You can drag & drop IFC, PDF, DWG files, Ruleset, Information Takeoff, Filter files, and even Ruleset Folders.


#4. New Autorun commands

Save time by automating these tasks with the new Autorun commands:

  • Creating a result summary report from the Result Summary view in Excel format resultsummaryreport
  • Closing the specified classifications, rulesets, and ITOs - closeclassification, closeruleset, closeito

You can view the full list of improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes.

Take advantage of the new improvements and update to the latest version.

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