Solibri 9.13.0 Release Highlights: Paving the way for a more integrated workflow

This release introduces new integration possibilities with CDEs, support for additional IFC 4 components, important security updates, and more.

This release introduces “Integrations”, a new feature set that allows you to build better workflows with other existing BIM tools, Online Services, and CDEs (Common Data Environment). Now you can manage all your integrations in one place and see which ones you are connected to.

Version 9.13.0 comes with the first Integration, “Documents API,” and more integrations will be available in the following releases. Documents API is Solibri’s new model management integration in collaboration with buildingSMART. This integration offers an easy way to access and synchronize your project files from CDEs, such as Bimsync, Aconex, and Buildercom. You can download and upload your model files from/to the server. As a result, you always have access to the latest available information.

Integrations - Solibri Office

Furthermore, all 21 public extensions are now available in the Extensions tab for SSO Enterprise users and users who purchased individual subscriptions through Extensions are add-ons that offer a convenient way to deliver additional resources, such as rule templates, rulesets, classifications, ITO definitions. For example, the new Stud Opening Clash rule that identifies clashes between services and wall framing components that are not usually modeled is available as an extension. Learn more about extensions

Extensions - Solibri Office

Other improvements

To ensure that Solibri complies with the latest security requirements, we have updated several important libraries used by our software.

More IFC 4 components are now supported by Solibri and can be used for model checking. You can view the full list of the added components and find more detailed information about version 9.13.0 in the Release Notes.

To get the new version, use the auto-update feature or contact your Solibri Administrator. Please note that to get this new version, in addition to comprehensive customer support and all future software releases, you need to have a valid Support & Service Agreement or Subscription.