Solibri Model Checker v9.9.5 Highlights

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For a more comprehensive list of the release contents, see the Release Notes.

Improvements in the BCF Connector

When setting up a connection to the server, you can now select a default project and pre-define how the imported issues are filtered by default. The pre-definition can later be changed in the Communication tab, in the synchronization settings, where you can also check and map any mismatching server labels with the Solibri labels for value conversions.

In case you need to disconnect from the server, you can sign off of either the selected or all servers, and sign back in when again needed.

New rule: #241 Space connection

The Space Connection rule allows you to check whether a space is connected with an outside exit or another space via, for example, a door or an opening. This can be used for natural ventilation purposes, for checking that all rooms have easy access to corridors, or, for ensuring the building serves its daily operations as smoothly as possible.

New rule / BETA: #242 Building Envelope

When the building envelope is characterized by recesses or internal airwells, the Building Envelope rule ensures they have appropriate dimensions, for example, that they're wide enough for windows to fit in correctly. This new rule is available in its BETA phase.

For a comprehensive list of the release contents, see the Release Notes.