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What’s new in Solibri Office – June 2023

In this release, Solibri offers enhancement to Filtering, Info view, and Classifications, improves performance, and introduces a new Exit Access Doorway Arrangement rule developed by Solibri Lab and Illinois Institute of Technology.
Product release Solibri 9 13 4

The newest Solibri Office release (v 9.13.4) brings improvements to Filtering, Info view, and Classifications. The release also features a new Exit Access Doorway Arrangement rule developed by Solibri Lab and the Illinois Institute of Technology, several bug fixes, and other general functionality improvements. Check out the top highlights and update to the new version. 


#1. Improved filtering 

Now, users can filter models using a wider range of criteria for faster and more accurate results. Previously, it was possible to select the components based on disciplines only. We redesigned the component selection, and now it allows you to filter based on four categories: Components, Containers, IFC entities, and Recent. You can also choose to show only components that are part of the currently open model. Learn more.

In addition, we’ve added a copy-paste function allowing users to copy filters between rows easily.

By reducing the time and effort required to identify and filter specific model elements, you can work more efficiently, resulting in a more streamlined and productive workflow.


#2. Value types visible in Info View

Incorrect data value types in the IFC properties can result in wrong total mass and quantity analysis. To prevent this, we added a new “IFC value types” column in the Info View. It displays the type of data being used (INT, CHAR, BOOLEAN, DATE, etc.), allowing users to easily identify the value type errors and improve data accuracy. Learn more.

#3. Auto-update for Classifications 

Starting from version 9.13.4, all classifications will update automatically when models are updated. Previously, when changes were made to a model, Solibri required you to update your classifications manually. Learn more.


#4. Improved IFC parser

In this version, we’ve added a new and improved IFC parser, which brings significant improvements to opening times for IFC files, up to 50%. The new parser also resolves previously reported encoding issues. More information can be found in this help article


#5. Option to show/hide ITO short names

Previously, Solibri included the short name by default inside the ITO columns. This made exporting the ITO information difficult since users needed to manually remove the short name in those columns. In this release, we added a setting that allows users to control whether they want the short name to appear in the ITO columns. Learn more.

#6. New Exit Access Doorway Arrangement Rule

The Exit Access Doorway Arrangement (EADA) Rule is a joint development work by Solibri Lab and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Solibri Lab is part of Solibri Academic Program, which is due to launch at the end of July 2023.

The rule checks that spaces have exit access doors arranged with a minimum distance of separation between doors that is one-half the maximum overall diagonal dimension of the space. Where the building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, the separation of doors can be reduced to one-third of the overall diagonal dimension of the space. Learn how to use the new rule.

Other improvements

More improvements and bug fixes are included in this release; for example, we added more IFC 4 components,  a shortcut key for zooming the results, and an option to restore default settings. You can view the full list of improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes.


Take advantage of the new improvements and update to the latest version.


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