Solibri 02/2020 Release Highlights: Navigation Just Got Easier

This release brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere. Want to enjoy the easier ways of navigating in your 3D model? Update to the new version.

Navigate in your 3D model easier than ever

With the implementation of the navigation map improvements, users can zoom and pan in the navigation map in the same way as a 2D floorplan. You can zoom into a room and activate the 3D view from that specific location. It is also possible to view the space information in the navigation map.

Watch the video to see all the cool ways of utilizing the new functionalities in the navigation map. Find out more information on the other features this new version offers by reading further.

Use multiple threads to improve the performance of your checking

This is for the users with multiple core processors: multithreaded checking speeds up the checking process by allowing Solibri to utilize the processor fully. You can define how many cores are used for checking. This feature is most effective in such cases where rules are divided into multiple rulesets.

Other improvements

We have made improvements for opening times of IFC files. We have also made some improvements based on users’ requests, for example, the IFC type is now also shown in the identification tab along with the IFC entity. We killed some bugs as well.

You can find more detailed information on all the release contents from the Release Notes. Contact your Solibri Admin to get the new version.