What’s new in Solibri Office – February 2024

Update to version 9.13.8 for the new Favorites tab in your Info View, upgrades to IDS workflow and other improvements.

This update brings new features in the Info View, updates to IDS workflows, enhanced resources exchange via Intergrations and several smaller improvements. We also have some important news to share with you – Solibri is IFC 4 certified by buildingSMART.

Solibri is IFC 4 Certified

Before we get into the latest version, we are sincerely proud to announce that Solibri is now officially certified as an IFC 4 import capable software product by buildingSMART. We are delighted to announce this certification and show of full commitment to supporting open standards, such as IFC 4.

The IFC 4 schema contains more granular information about model components, enabling users to do more precise model checking and quantities takeoff. Thus, ultimately leading to a better quality of builds.

#1. Your Favorites information tab

Sometimes the smallest tweaks impact the biggest workflows. In this update, our key highlight has been upgrading the usability of the ‘Info View’. Adding to the tabs at the top, we’ve created a Favorites section, allowing you to choose which information properties you want at your fingertips.

Not only this, but you are also able to export your favorite selection as a saved file and bring them into other projects, giving you quick access to just the right information.

Currently, any property or value (excluding Relations or Classifications), can be right-clicked and ‘added to favorites’, as well as categorizing and organizing the selected properties within the favorites tab.

Find out how to use the new Favorites feature here.

Favorites tab in Solibri Info View

#2. Improving IDS capabilities

From the feedback we have received, we have made significant updates to the IDS rule within Solibri. Now, the content from an imported IDS is displayed as separate rules, simplifying the management of issues, making it easier to detect potentially missing application options.

Furthermore, we’ve enhanced our file handling system to enable simultaneous opening of multiple IDS files and XML formats.

Now that we are IFC 4 certified, we can also display the specified IFC version within IDS files.

Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a visionary approach by buildingSMART, for the exchange of information requirements within BIM workflows. Check out how to use IDS in Solibri.

IDS Rule Update

#3. Enhanced Resources Exchange

In addition to IFC, SMC and IDS file formats, Solibri resources such as ITO, Rulesets, Classifications, Filters and many others, can now be seamlessly opened directly from existing Solibri integrations such as Trimble Connect, ACC/BIM360, SharePoint or OneDrive as well as saved back into the integration.

Check here for the full list of file formats.

#4. Hierarchy addition for IfcProject

Users working with BIM have faced challenges when navigating and organizing project information due to a lack of representation of IfcProject structures. Now, we are proud to announce the following:

  • Enhanced navigation of the IfcProject hierarchy, providing a clear framework for organizing project elements
  • Improved contextualization, providing valuable context and information behind IfcEntity, enabling the user to interpret relationships between different components better.

Furthermore, we have also been readying the product for future implementations. By displaying IfcProject structure, we are preparing Solibri Office for supporting new file formats when they arrive, for example IFC 4.3.

Find out more here.

#5. Fire stopping of service penetration checks

Further updates we are happy to announce are our game changing-approach to fire stopping of service penetrations, with these checks being updated to improve performance and accuracy. Find out the upgrades in more depth here.

Fire stopping of service penetration checks

Back in 2023, Solibri introduced a set of fire stopping checks designed to efficiently identify where services breach fire compartmentation walls and floors. The checks were developed as part of the award winning approach for fire safety design in collaboration with Laing O'Rourke and BDP during the design and construction of Everton FC’s New Stadium.

Check out the full list of improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes. Take advantage of the new features and update to the latest version.

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